SAP Service

  • Application Management Services
  • Implementation & Global Rollout
  • Upgrade & Migration Services

Digitization and globalization are key factors that have made the competitive business landscape fiercer than ever before. To win in a highly competitive environment, enterprises need to lower costs of running their businesses and enhance the usage of their applications and overall system landscape. Through our vast portfolio of services and solutions, Maleotech Solutions helps organizations unlock the vast capabilities of their existing SAP environment to spend less on running the business and allocating more on innovation.

Build a transparent business and accelerate performance

With our vast experience across geographies and industries, MALEOTECH has the right people, practices and solutions to help organizations generate the greatest return on their SAP investments and build a transparent business. Combining our processes and proven methodologies, we’ll help you unlock new features and functionalities you may not have known existed and build an agile and flexible infrastructure

Our end-to-end services cover the entire lifecycle of an application and include:

Implementation Services – Based on Scrum principles, our Simple Implementation methodology provides more cost effective and faster implementations. The process-based methodology reduces blueprinting, development and testing phases using pre-configured business case scenarios and eliminates major modifications and errors.

Upgrade Services – The MALEOTECH team offers modularized upgrade services to enhance the effectiveness of your SAP solution, to minimize risk and downtime and draw maximum benefits.

Using our four-phased upgrade assessment accelerator, PathFinder, MALEOTECH facilitates:

  • Upgrade Assessment
  • Upgrade & Migration Services
  • Technical system upgrade
  • Functionality upgrade
  • System stabilization

Application Management Services (AMS) –Reduce costs, improve flexibility and boost SAP performance with our comprehensive AMS portfolio for continuous improvement.

SAP Business Intelligence Services – MALEOTECH offers extensive BI solutions tailored for varied industry sectors. Using the SAP BusinessObjects platform , MALEOTECH helps you gain critical insights and optimize existing capabilities and resources to meet your business objectives.

SAP HANA –MALEOTECH’s services portfolio around the SAP HANA in-memory platform, meets the need of real-time data management. MALEOTECH services around SAP HANA include:

  • Business strategy development
  • Implementation
  • Learning and change management
  • Business case development and Proof-of-Concept
  • Roadmap creation

Simplify your SAP environment and get more than what you think from SAP with MALEOTECH

As a trusted company, MALEOTECH has the right blend of best-of-breed technologies and invaluable expertise to draw the real value out of your SAP solutions. Our SAP experts work closely with you and offer customized services to meet the needs of your business and transformation programs.

Outsourcing & Consulting

Manpower Outsourcing

Manpower Outsourcing is designed for partners who typically, and on short notice, want to employ staff for a specified time frame on time and material basis. Our Staff Outsourcing service allows our partners to match their staff needs to their business demands without the legal and monetary risks of employing full time staff. Maleotech will take full responsibility for quickly selecting the right staff and then recruitment, maintaining the payroll, retaining and replacement, of these staff while allowing our partners to focus on the staff’s day-to-day management. With our efficient Recruitment Processes, employee benefits, training & development and retention policies; the partner can stay assured that we keep our services and staff to professional standards.

We carefully select employees by thoroughly testing every aspect like their attitude, service mind and their competence to do their job. We also make sure our people continuously learn new skills and technologies. The company regularly provides both internal and external training from leading software institutions as well as encourages our team members to take certification examinations by giving then special incentives and rewards. This makes sure our people are ready for the next challenge.

Whether you require permanent or contract employees, Maleotech will provide you with right approach to identify qualified and dependable personnel. From IT Project Managers to IT Programmers, Business Analysts and Domain experts,Technical and Functional consultants, in any vertical JAVA, .NET or SAP our HR professionals can quickly source the personnel you need to ensure that your daily operations continue un-interrupted.

From placing the advertisement, screening and testing to the presentation of suitably qualified candidates, will be all managed by our highly experienced HR and management consultant team.Client is allowed to take the final round of discussion whether technical or functional with the candidate selected by Maleotech.


When it comes to IT Consulting Services, Maleotech operate as a true business partner to serve as your IT software development arm. We know how to make it work and can deliver the same benefits to you. Whether it is supplementing you with technology professionals or taking over a complete development business process, we can help. Our highly skilled, IT certified and experienced staffs have been a key part of many successful projects for many leading organizations. Our services include:

  • Project Conceptualization, Analysis, Planning & Design
  • Product Development
  • Implementation
  • Maintenance & Application Support

SAP Integration Services

Improve business agility by seamlessly and securely integrating your business applications with SAP ERP

SAP offers a wide range of applications that caters to the needs of any business. The huge variety of options available in SAP makes the process of integrating it with other systems quiet challenging. The complexity of SAP ecosystem necessitates identifying the unique needs of your business before integrating it with other systems. Selecting the best solutions and integrating with your SAP system will bring significant results.

SAP ERP  can be used by any small, medium, and multinational companies. When the SAP ERP is integrated with the other systems and devices of your organization, it provides more accurate reports and reduces the time required in double checking the data. SAP ERP is a powerful system that can provide you with deep insights in core business areas and can be integrated to external systems of suppliers and customers.

Our A2A and B2B integration capabilities for complex technology solutions with SAP ERP helps us offer the appropriate services helping our clients achieve better outcomes. We have expertise in Accounts Receivables & Payables integration, Logistics Integration with Warehouses and Transportation Management Applications, Sales & Marketing integration, HR integration, Travel & Expenses integration, Procurement Solution integration, Master Data integration, Reporting Application integration, Machine Data integration etc.

We are SAP services company for many years and our experience through customer engagements has made us well positioned to design, implement, and maintain complex SAP tasks that helps our clients maximize their ROI and increase their business value.

Benefits of SAP Integration

Centralized Data – Centralize and connect your entire business across sales, inventory, purchase, operations, and finance in one end to end solution, ridding duplication of data, errors, and costs

Automate Business Processes – Streamline operations from end to end, so you can focus on improving your business

Improved Visibility – Real time availability of data helps in better decision making. When the required

information can be accessed from anywhere without having to access multiple sources, more accurate decisions can be taken in real time.

Accelerates Growth – An integrated software system allows expansion to multiple locations and increases sales with the unified order and account management system.

Support your changing needs – Our tailor-made solutions and customizable tools supports us in offering the right services based on your needs.

SAP Consulting Services

Our ERP Consulting services can be broadly classified into two parts

  • ERP Evaluation.
  • Application Usage Audit.

ERP Evaluation

The objective of ERP implementation and the benefits realized varies from organization to organization. Hence it is important to identify the objective and the desired benefits even before identifying a suitable ERP Application for your enterprise. At Maleotech we help you in arriving at the needs and objectives of an ERP Implementation along with the desired benefits. This shall help the enterprise to choose the right ERP application that meets the stated objectives.

This exercise shall be carried out by meeting the Management team of your organization in understanding the vision and the business needs from the management perspective and understand the needs at the middle management level and then arrive at the scope of implementation, functionalities to be covered, business pain points and the desired business benefits.

Application Usage Audit

ERP Implementations are carried out with a specific objective in line with the pain points and business needs. However at times the implementation might not fulfill the stated objective or over a period of time the business needs might change leading to earlier stated objective obsolete. Hence it is recommended to conduct an Application audit once in 2 years to ascertain the current business needs and validate if the ERP fulfills these requirements.

At MALEOTECH we offer Application Audit as a service to engage with your Management Team, Business Heads and the Functional Heads and understand their Needs and Pain Points and validate the same with the ERP Implemented for your organization. Based on the study conducted by us and our expertise on ERP, we recommend the best practices to be adopted along with the IT road map for your organization.