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Artificial Intelligence is borrowing characteristics from human intelligence, and applying them as algorithms in a computer friendly way to find solutions to complex problems in a more human-like fashion. Artificial intelligence (AI) makes it possible for machines to learn from experience, adjust to new inputs and perform human-like tasks. Through deep learning computers are trained to perform human-like tasks, such as recognizing speech, identifying images or making predictions. Instead of organizing data to run through predefined equations, deep learning sets up basic parameters about the data and trains the computer to learn on its own by recognizing patterns using many layers of processing.

AI is been used in various verticals such as cyber sccurity, face recognition, data analysis, logistics,markting & advertising etc. Popular uses today include:

Speech Recognition
Both the business and academic worlds have embraced deep learning for speech recognition. Many organizations are already employing deep learning technologies in their systems to recognize human speech and voice patterns. The common way to recognize speech is the following: we take a waveform, split it at utterances by silences and then try to recognize what’s being said in each utterance. To do that, we want to take all possible combinations of words and try to match them with the audio. We choose the best matching combination. According to the speech structure, three models are used in speech recognition to do the match: An acoustic model contains acoustic properties for each senone. A phonetic dictionary contains a mapping from words to phones. A language model is used to restrict word search. Those three entities are combined together in an engine to recognize speech.

Image Recognition
One practical application of image recognition is automatic image captioning and scene description. This could be crucial in law enforcement investigations for identifying criminal activity in thousands of photos submitted by bystanders in a crowded area where a crime has occurred. Self-driving cars will also benefit from image recognition through the use of 360-degree camera technology.

Natural Language Processing
Neural networks, a central component of deep learning, have been used to process and analyze written text for many years. A specialization of text mining, this technique can be used to discover patterns in customer complaints, physician notes or news reports, to name a few.

Recommendation Systems
Amazon and Netflix have popularized the notion of a recommendation system with a good chance of knowing what you might be interested in next, based on past behavior. Deep learning can be used to enhance recommendations in complex environments such as music interests or clothing preferences across multiple platforms.