Our mission is to provide value to our customers by delivering services with Professionalism, Honesty, Integrity and Sincerity. Our commitment to Quality and Service is matched equally by our desire to be the very best. Maleotech Solutions Pvt Ltd. has a full suite of end-to-end IT Services to help our Customers meet their goals. At Maleotech, we measure our success by yours.
We are a Global Company, and we can serve you locally irrespective of where you are. We believe it is strategic to our business to provide the ultimate flexibility when delivering our services. We can take a lead role to help you navigate through a technology change, or provide professionals to augment your staff.
Maleotech can offer full range of Business Solutions from website design through full implementation. We help our customers improve their relationships and interactions with their customers.
Business Value from SAP Investments
Enterprises across the globe extensively use SAP to lay a strong foundation for their IT infrastructure and prepare the organization for growth. Globalization and M&A activities have thrown up new challenges of harmonizing business processes while catering to region-specific imperatives. In addition, technologies such as mobile, social, cloud and analytics have significantly changed the IT landscape. In this complex environment, it needs an expert and a clinical approach to ensure that SAP delivers measurable business outcomes.
Our services include:
o Implementation and Roll outs: Business value focused implementation with an approach to deliver solutions
o Independent Testing: Optimized coverage with short test cycles through proprietary frameworks and reusable test scripts
o Application Management Services: Sustained cost reduction by applying “lean principles”
o Business Intelligence and Analytics: Real-time decision support by harnessing the power of HANA
o Mobility: Mobilize the business with our deep mobility expertise and our award winning mobile solutions
o Technical Upgrades: Upgrades with minimal disruption and predictable quality

SAP Implementation & Roll out Services
For an end-to-end SAP implementations across diverse industries, Maleotech have developed consistent methodology called WSIM (Maleotech’s SAP Implementation methodology), It follows a consistent business-process and phase-oriented approach.
Maleotech offers, SAP implementation and rollout services to customers who propose to extend their existing SAP environment to other organization functions, locations and processes. Maleotech understands the special requirements that go into implementation of add-on functional modules in an existing SAP environment. Our Implementation Consulting teams ADOPT robust processes and methodologies to ensure that implementations and rollouts of additional modules are well-managed, expeditious and cause minimum disruption to normal operations. Implementation Services comprise

  • Feasibility study, analysis and planning for implementation
    • BUSINESS PROCESS re-engineering and configuration
    • Custom development
    • Testing
    • Training and acceptance
    • Post implementation support

SAP Rollout services include
• Template rollout to geographies
• Process mapping country extensions
• Configuring country extensions
• CUSTOM DEVELOPMENTS for country extensions
• Additional module rollouts and also TRAINING AND DEVELOPMENT
• Deployment through change management

Maleotech has created a unique template model for a rapid rollout of the SAP solution across business units and geographies. The template model incorporates tools, processes, and methods that significantly reduce implementation and rollout time. The model features pre-configured templates that are customizable.

• Effective project planning and optimal use of resources and budgets
• Maximized benefits from INVESTMENTS in SAP by intelligent utilization of SAP features and functions
• Implementation plans based on analysis of business needs to enable customers to fully experience the advantages of SAP
• Detailed model of BUSINESS PROCESSES that map needs and integration touch points to new SAP modules
• Detailed requirement analysis of business processes for all enhancements

SAP Upgrade Services
Reduce the cost of SAP Upgrades with Maleotech
Maleotech provides services to steer a customer’s SAP installation to the next version. Some of the typical upgrade activities include

  • Analysis of upgrade requirements
    • Formulation of the upgrade strategy
    • Baseline technical upgrade
    • Upgrade of customizations
    • Validation of interfaces and reports
    • Unit test and system test of upgraded application
    • Creation of system environment for the new version
    • Data migration
    • Delta training in the new version
    • Execution and implementation of testing plans
    • Project management
    • SAP Approach Methodology

“WRUM (Maleotech Rapid Upgrade Method) is a Rapid, cost-effective SAP upgrade service tailored to your organization’s unique needs. Reducing the total cost by 25% compared to traditional upgrade method.”
• What is WRUM?
WRUM is a confident and proven approach to address SAP upgrade needs head on, giving organizations a rapid and effective upgrade to the latest SAP technology, so that they meet the current needs of the business, while offering them some breathing space as they gear up for larger, more ambitious transformational change programs. How can WRUM help?
While alternative upgrade services may be too broad in scope, or too technically focused, Maleotech WRUM Upgrade strikes exactly the right balance, delivering a tightly defined, customized, business- focused SAP upgrade with precise estimates of time, cost and resource requirements before start of the actual project. WRUM Offer’s end-to-end solution that connects all Work Packages (Steps) in an SAP upgrade project into an integrated environment and offers an easy-to-realize dashboard view of the following stages.
SAP Application Maintenance ServicesMaximize ROI through continuous Business Improvement at an optimal cost.
Live ERP environments are extremely complex due to the landscape of multiple systems that are required to support the integrated business modules across various functional organizations. A balanced team of business configuration experts, technical developers and systems operations resources that work closely with the business community, is a key to define, monitor and own the deliverables for support. To add to the complexity of the application itself, business processes tend to change over time, expanding and evolving to support dynamic business requirements.
Maleotech ‘s ERP application management, stabilization and optimization approach is designed to enhance the business value of the investment in the enterprise system by taking a holistic view of coordinating and orchestrating operations, infrastructure, applications and application interfaces.
SAP System Performance Optimization Services
SAP Performance Optimization will involve functional, technical, and process improvements. In choosing a consulting partner, it is imperative you identify one who can see the big picture, taking your entire system landscape into account, rather than only a narrow perspective. Maleotech provides technical, functional, process, and portals performance improvement services to clients throughout the clients. we can help you realize a total improvement in your SAP system functionality and architecture as well as position you for growth.
Improving SAP’s Technical Performance
Many SAP Customers experience technical performance issues ranging from throughput to system response time to costly system downtime. Maleotech’s Technical Optimization services include system analysis, application performance metrics, and recommendations for tuning as well as optimization to correct performance issues, improve system resources, reduce downtime, and lower your total cost of ownership.
Proven Project Remedies Finding a consulting firm with expertise in SAP Portals who can identify and correct performance issues may be a daunting task given the emerging nature of this technology. However, Maleotech performs portals optimization for clients throughout.Enhanced Functional Configuration
With changing business One had to update SAP knowledge and optimize functional configurations. Maleotech assists clients from many industries in improving their configuration to enhance business benefits, increase efficiency and improve ease of use.
Enterprise Services Architecture
SAP Customers strive for business process improvements to adapt to changing business needs, but with outdated IT architecture, enhancing your processes without significant costs can be virtually impossible. Maleotech’s combined understanding of SAP and Enterprise Services Architecture can provide you with the expertise and tools needed to help decide what areas of your business can benefit from new processes and systems, how to accomplish these changes, and a cost benefit analysis of implementing the changes.

Custom Development Services
Optimizing business processes through expert technical and business knowledge, we will capture your key business processes within SAP. Maleotech‘s technical and business area consultants can help you effectively map your company’s business processes to SAP best practices. Working closely with our team, we’ll design and implement a stable, secure and available SAP architecture and provide expert administration to manage it. Our team includes consultants who specialize in each of the major SAP modules, as well as ABAP programmers and Basis administrators who can bring unparalleled skills to your technical challenges.

Testing & Validation Services
Delivery of software solutions that are business related and ensure reliability is vital to any company as they scale up. The cost of correcting errors detected at a later stage of the lifecycle increases exponentially. The various inputs, outputs, and the processes executed as a part of Various Steps.
1. Create Test strategy
2. Create Test scenarios
3. Execute Test Cases

All of Maleotech’s
service offerings
in testing are geared to help customers achieve the edge in terms of time-to-market, quality, productivity and cost-effective roll out.
Create Test Strategy Inputs
1. Functional and technical requirements of the application
2. Limitations

1. Signed-off test Statement of Work – testing strategy, test plan, Test scenarios, Test conditions, test cases, and deliverables.
2. Required hardware and software components
3. Roles and Responsibilities
Create Test scenarios Inputs
1. Test Tools
2. Test document Problems
3. Understanding of software complexity
1. Software design and Code issues
2. Test Design, Test Cases and Test Scripts
3. Test Data
Execute Test Cases Inputs
1. Test Plan, Test Cases and Procedures
2. Change Requests
3. Test Tools
4. Requirements and Software design
5. Test Data
6. Update Documents
1. Changes in the code
2. Record of test incidents
3. Tested source code and object code
4. Text documents problems
5. Approved and signed-off with revised testing deliverables