Valitus is a product for service industries most helpful to resolve customer problems.

It can deal with various aspects like:

  • Tele-support
  • Service support
  • Root cause analysis.

It also keeps a record of customers of an organization and also has a separate section of user management.

It has facilities like:

  • Unlimited database capabilities
  • Unlimited number of users
  • Unlimited number of customers
  • Auto backup system (weekly)
  • Web based application (can be accessed from anywhere)
  • Customizable server as per requirement
  • Fast performance due to exceptional backend design.
  • Modular design for easy customization
  • Easy report creation as per requirement
  • Easy integration with SAP as per requirement.
  • Automatic creation of ticket as per the type, year and serial number
  • Email facility based on customer requirement
  • Mobile messaging facility based on customer requirement


Plata streamlines the accounting process and makes it easy to go paperless. This software retrieves bills, receipts, and invoices.

Using Plata, we will have knowledge of profit and loss, sales, expenses and invoice details. We can create invoice, estimate, sales receipt and etc. We can track our products/items details and stock in our plant.

We can perform batch operations using Plata. For example, in a single batch request an application can create a customer, update an invoice, and read an account. Compared to multiple, single requests, a single batch request can improve an application’s performance by decreasing network roundtrips and increasing throughput.

In sales transaction we can

  • Create invoice, estimate, sales receipt, credit note
  • Receive payment from customers.
  • Receive payments for two or more invoices from particular customer
  • Add new customer and new products/services

In expenses transaction we can

  • Create bill, purchase order, supplier credit
  • Pay bill amount for supplier
  • Pay amount for two or more bills for particular supplier
  • Add new supplier


GENUS is a software to check, approve or disapprove the assembly line work done and identify the pending or problematic areas in assembly with quality analysis checkups. It is a check list software where assembly people specify the assembly line work and quality check people check all the documents and respective quality of works. It also includes dispatch clearance and shipping as it’s premium features. It enables the assembly and quality people in production to be in sync with


  • All assembly checkups
  • All quality checkups
  • Visual inspections
  • Speed/balance testing
  • Aesthetic rating
  • Dispatch checklist
  • Dispatch clearance
  • Built and bought out
  • Shipping