Manpower Outsourcing

Manpower Outsourcing is designed for partners who typically, and on short notice, want to employ staff for a specified time frame on time and material basis. Our Staff Outsourcing service allows our partners to match their staff needs to their business demands without the legal and monetary risks of employing full time staff. Maleotech will take full responsibility for quickly selecting the right staff and then recruitment, maintaining the payroll, retaining and replacement, of these staff while allowing our partners to focus on the staff’s day-to-day management. With our efficient Recruitment Processes, employee benefits, training & development and retention policies; the partner can stay assured that we keep our services and staff to professional standards.

We carefully select employees by thoroughly testing every aspect like their attitude, service mind and their competence to do their job. We also make sure our people continuously learn new skills and technologies. The company regularly provides both internal and external training from leading software institutions as well as encourages our team members to take certification examinations by giving then special incentives and rewards. This makes sure our people are ready for the next challenge.

Whether you require permanent or contract employees, Maleotech will provide you with right approach to identify qualified and dependable personnel. From IT Project Managers to IT Programmers, Business Analysts and Domain experts,Technical and Functional consultants, in any vertical JAVA, .NET or SAP our HR professionals can quickly source the personnel you need to ensure that your daily operations continue un-interrupted.

From placing the advertisement, screening and testing to the presentation of suitably qualified candidates, will be all managed by our highly experienced HR and management consultant team.Client is allowed to take the final round of discussion whether technical or functional with the candidate selected by Maleotech.


When it comes to IT Consulting Services, Maleotech operate as a true business partner to serve as your IT software development arm. We know how to make it work and can deliver the same benefits to you. Whether it is supplementing you with technology professionals or taking over a complete development business process, we can help. Our highly skilled, IT certified and experienced staffs have been a key part of many successful projects for many leading organizations. Our services include:

  • Project Conceptualization, Analysis, Planning & Design
  • Product Development
  • Implementation
  • Maintenance & Application Support