Our ERP Consulting services can be broadly classified into two parts
  • ERP Evaluation.
  • Application Usage Audit.
ERP Evaluation

The objective of ERP implementation and the benefits realized varies from organization to organization. Hence it is important to identify the objective and the desired benefits even before identifying a suitable ERP Application for your enterprise. At Maleotech we help you in arriving at the needs and objectives of an ERP Implementation along with the desired benefits. This shall help the enterprise to choose the right ERP application that meets the stated objectives.

This exercise shall be carried out by meeting the Management team of your organization in understanding the vision and the business needs from the management perspective and understand the needs at the middle management level and then arrive at the scope of implementation, functionalities to be covered, business pain points and the desired business benefits.

Application Usage Audit

ERP Implementations are carried out with a specific objective in line with the pain points and business needs. However at times the implementation might not fulfill the stated objective or over a period of time the business needs might change leading to earlier stated objective obsolete. Hence it is recommended to conduct an Application audit once in 2 years to ascertain the current business needs and validate if the ERP fulfills these requirements.

At MALEOTECH we offer Application Audit as a service to engage with your Management Team, Business Heads and the Functional Heads and understand their Needs and Pain Points and validate the same with the ERP Implemented for your organization. Based on the study conducted by us and our expertise on ERP, we recommend the best practices to be adopted along with the IT road map for your organization.